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Accent Modification

Fun Fact: Everybody has an accent

An accent is NOT a disorder, but is actually a wonderful distinguishing feature about a person. Accents tell us all kinds of things - what languages a person speaks, their cultural background, and where they grew up.

However, sometimes having an accent can be difficult for non-native or regional speakers. Listeners may have to work hard to understand what you're saying, and may only hear how you're talking. Coworkers and friends might ask you to repeat yourself. Your patients or clients may not understand everything you say. Maybe you're too shy to speak up in social settings because of insecurities about your speech.  

Another Fun Fact: Accents can be modified


Do you feel like your accent decreases your confidence while speaking or presenting? We offer an accent program that helps to identify and centralize the features that are the most different from English.

Experience speaking with more clarity, ease, and confidence while reducing anxiety and embarrassment. Enjoy fluid communication in social, conversational, or business settings without needing to repeat or reword yourself! 

Compton PESL Program

Have you ever tried other ESL methods or online videos that didn't work? That's because they likely focused on grammar and vocabulary. These are important, but they don't help you learn pronunciation and sound placement. Most people who complete the Compton PESL program with diligent practice can expect to gain at least a 50% change in their speech intelligibility! 

This program can be offered in a variety of formats:

  • in-person or online via teleconference

  • single-person or groups

  • onsite corporate classes

​All options include a lifetime online subscription to the PESL practice portal! 

Is Accent Modification for me?

Are you...

- a speaker of English as a second language?

- a native English speaker with a heavy regional dialect?

   (think southern drawl or Boston)

- an actor attempting to take on a different dialect for a role?

**Take a free screening right now to see if you might benefit!

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